On BBC Radio 1’s Music By The Numbers Talking YouTube Numbers

Earlier this year BBC Radio 1 got in touch with me because they were looking for insight and expertise on YouTube, monetization and the value of views. The interview was edited and put into this audio documentary called “Iggy Azalea: Music by the Number” about Iggy Azalea, her music and how much money her record label has made with the YouTube videos. The full audio doc is no longer available on their site but I’ve uploaded to my Soundcloud… that is until the BBC takes it down.

Talking YouTube and Digital Influencers – The Xero Hour Podcast

xero hour podcast with saul colt

I recently had a chance to be a guest on The Xero Hour Small Business Podcast with (the smartest man in the world) Saul Colt. We discussed the world of Youtube Celebrities and how to work with them and the importance of influencer marketing.

Here are the different places you can download the episode:

The Secret to Growing a YouTube Channel

how quickly youtube channels grow

Here’s a hint… it takes work!

Influencer agency Grapevine has released this great deck presenting the world a realistic guide at what it takes to grow a YouTube channel. You can download the document here.

What is Beauty Vlogging?

One of the many podcasts I listen to is What’s Tech with Chris Plante. This week he spoke with Racked’s Julia Rubin to talk about YouTube, specifically the world of Beauty Vloggers. Its a great listen if you want to know the basics on YouTube and how huge the beauty vlogging is.

YouTube Updates Channel Subscription Preferences

It seems that YouTube has made a small change to YouTube channel Subscription preferences.

If you don’t know where to see this, when you subscribe to a channel a little cog icon appears like this that when clicked used to pop up a box that would allow you to choose two things.

1 – Have YouTube email you every time the channel uploads a video.

2 – Allow YouTube to only show uploads in the activity feed.

Here’s what it looked like before.

youtube subscrition preferences before

The Email with new uploads option was great, it meant I would never miss an upload from my favourite channels but now this is what it looks like.

Now here’s what it looks like now.


‘Send me updates’ keeps it vague. Am I going to stop receiving emails? Where are these updates going to appear?

One of my favourite features on YouTube is that I can ensure that I never miss an upload from a YouTube channel where I checked the box that I wanted email updates. There are not a lot of social networks that give you that opportunity.

This could very much impact a YouTubers total channel views from subscribers.

At the moment YouTube hasn’t announced the change.