The Last Drop – A Vine Comic


I was having a discussion about Twitter’s Vine app with a friends last week and the same question always pops up, why only 6 seconds? The answer was fairly simple and one I’ve heard many times over the last few weeks. Setting limits foster creativity.

Case in point, Code Computerlove from Manchester, England have created an animated comic book using Vine videos for each panel.

Its a short one page story but a very creative and cool way of using Vine.

Source: DailyDot

Vining Nemo with Twitter’s Vine App


Just read this article on DailyDot about Vining winter storm Nemo.

Is this a sign that the use of Instagram to record and share events is on its way out? I mean, just 3 months ago Instagram usage went through the roof when superstorm Sandy hit the east coast.

The Vine app is only a few weeks old and likely has a fraction of the 100 million plus on Instagram but I suspect this might change once Twitter starts to properly promote it to is 200 million monthly active users

Speaking for myself, a few months ago I used to post 2-4 new pictures on Instagram per week. But I’ve dropped that to less than one per week and 3 “Vines” this week.

The storm is only just getting started and I have no doubt that Instagram traffic will surge and it might surpass the number of pictures from Sandy.

I’ll be interested in watching Vine’s.

Google Blocking Twitpic, thinks is Malware?


I just saw this pop up on Google Chrome while working on TweetDeck. At first I thought “did I miss something?” then I saw this piece of news from TNW and this tweet from the folks at TwitPic.