Nike: Find Your Greatness

Great ad spot from Nike

Greatness isn’t reserved for the chosen few in one special city, it can also be found in London, Ohio, and London, Norway, and East London, South Africa, and Little London, Jamaica, and Small London, Nigeria and the London Hotel and London Road and anywhere else someone is trying to find it.

via: Doobybrain

Nike Building Twist 3D Projection

Brands using 3d projection mapping is nothing new in marketing, they’re most likely used for big product launches like the last one that caught my eye was the Nokia did with Deadmau5 for the Nokia 80o. By now, other than sporting amazing 3d graphics these types of excecusions have become quite usual.

Nike being well, Nike… they tend to try things differently. With the help of Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo they created a 3D mapped version of Yokohama’s Red Brick Warehouse. That on itself isn’t what made the projection unique, the special par was that passers-by were invited to bend and twist a Nike Free shoe which in turn controlled the shape of the warehouse in real-time allowing them the ability to have a direct control over the 3D projection.

 Source: TheHD