The GameStick

I’m very much tempted to invest in this Kickstarter but that might create a situation where I would have two Android based video game consoles so I’ll hold off.

The idea of the GameStick is just as exciting as the OUYA, both have the potential to wreak havoc and disrupt the traditional TV video game console business.

2013 is the year both Microsoft and Sony are expected to unveil the next generation of consoles and they MUST be looking at these two examples with some kind of worry.  Will these cheap TV video game consoles and games totally break the big 3’s business model the same way the iPhone and other smartphones wreaking havoc on portable gaming consoles?

Air New Zealand Lord of the Rings In-Flight Safety Video

“An Unexpected Briefing” by Air New Zealand is the coolest in-flight safety video I’ve ever seen! Most likely the only one I would ever want to watch from start to finish.

Air NZ partnered with WETA Workshop on a brand new Hobbit inspired Safety Video. It features cameo appearances including Sir Peter Jackson (and Gollum!) . 

Call Me Maybe via Chatroulette

By Steve Kardynal…. the internet is just not letting this song die, probably the funniest one yet!

Seriously though… people are still using Chatroulette??

Random Links – Tell Your Boss Anything Anonymously

Have something to tell your boss but can’t really say it? The folks at Happiily have created the safe way to give your boss anonymous feedback… or if you are a manager, start getting feedback from your team.

Why Is Yawning Contagious?

One of those questions that we’ve all be asking all our lives. Now thanks to vsauce we know!