New Mediay Weekly – W/O March 10

Here are links worth sharing for the week of March 10, 2014.

Adage – YouTube Brings Taco Bell, Ford and Visa to Brand Camp.

YouTube helping brands to teach them storytelling and content integration with creators. What’s interesting to see is the lack of mentions about agencies.

ReelSEO – Machinima Lays Off 42 Staff, YouTube to Take Back Ad Sales. 

Machinima is the grand daddy of YouTube networks but that doesn’t mean they have it all figured out. Now comes the news that 42 employees are being laid off and that they and stops selling direct ads to focus on brand content integrations with their channel partners.

Its become clear that YouTube networks are having a tough time making money selling traditional digital ad formats on YouTube channels. With brands focusing more in content and native advertising it’s not really surprising to see networks switching gears.

Dare to stream – On the Media 

On The Media is one of my favourite weekly podcasts. Part of this pas week’s podcast took a look at Hollywood and streaming video.  The podcast Focusses on the new business models in the world of video content, from ad-supported to artists managing direct sales to their content.

eMarketer – Teens Play on YouTube

Older article but I think its worth a re-fresh. YouTube overtakes Facebook as the top platform for teens and millennials. To anybody who uses the platform this isn’t really news.

Despite YouTube’s popularity, The Intelligence Group found that Facebook was the preferred social network among US teen and millennial internet users for communicating with brands, cited by the majority of respondents.

Not really surprising since I can count a handful of brands that truly master YouTube’s power as a platform.

videoink – DailyMotion Digs into original content.

Always trying DailyMotion finally gets into original content. Almost a full two years after YouTube’s Original Channels experiment. Snake Box


On my morning walk to work I came across this suspicious looking panel on the side of a Toront shop on King street.  Obviously I had to open it and here’s what was inside.

Well done You got me! I’ve seen a few other locations since, curious to know the level of engagement it got, how many people opened each panel and what areas of town worked best.

Quit the Denial – Social Farter


Great messaging from the Canadian Ministry of Health & Longterm Care with its Quit The Denial campaign against social smoking.

The Social Farter one is obviously my fave.

“If you only fart with friends, you’re not a farter. You’re just a social farter and that makes it OK.”

There’s also The Social Nibbler which isn’t as funny IMO.

Vining Nemo with Twitter’s Vine App


Just read this article on DailyDot about Vining winter storm Nemo.

Is this a sign that the use of Instagram to record and share events is on its way out? I mean, just 3 months ago Instagram usage went through the roof when superstorm Sandy hit the east coast.

The Vine app is only a few weeks old and likely has a fraction of the 100 million plus on Instagram but I suspect this might change once Twitter starts to properly promote it to is 200 million monthly active users

Speaking for myself, a few months ago I used to post 2-4 new pictures on Instagram per week. But I’ve dropped that to less than one per week and 3 “Vines” this week.

The storm is only just getting started and I have no doubt that Instagram traffic will surge and it might surpass the number of pictures from Sandy.

I’ll be interested in watching Vine’s.

Are you taking a break from Facebook?

facebook-alertThe NYT just ran this story based on the PEW study titled “Coming and Going on Facebook” 

Some of the key findings are quite interesting.

  • 61% of current Facebook users say that at one time or another in the past they have voluntarily taken a break from using Facebook for a period of several weeks or more.
  • 28% of Facebook users say the site has become less important to them than it was a year ago.  And 34% of current users say the amount of time they are spending on Facebook has decreased over the past year.
  • Some 38% of Facebook users ages 18-29 expect to spend less time using the site in 2013.

I definitely feel a Facebook fatigue online & the younger demographic is something we should be paying attention too since their the ones that adopted the platform first.

Is this social media fatigue or is it a question of too much selection? We now live in a world where every website or new app is trying to be its own social network and finding more and more ways to keep them engaged outside of social networks.

Should Facebook be worried?

You can read the full report here.