About Carlos Pacheco


Born Montrealer, I live in Toronto, Canada with my brilliant & beautiful wife Tara and our two pugs Ridley & Lizzie. 

Hobbies include eating breakfast, jogging, drooling over the latest tech products and gaming.

My passion for the internet, how media, audiences, content is evolving and online communities have shaped my career. 

I’ve been working in media marketing and advertising for over 15 years and grew my knowledge and experience on different aspects of the industry.

Starting as assistant media planner moving on to media strategist, search engine and social media strategist. In 2012 I left agency life to explore the world of content, I was put in charge of launching and managing most of the Just for Laughs Gags YouTube channels where I headed a team that helped grow the brand’s fan base tenfold to almost 4 million subscribers and over 2 billion worldwide views in 18 months as well as launching over half a dozen new channels that have now grown to millions views and followers.

In 2014 I joined Boat Rocker Media where we launched various YouTube properties from Boat Rocker shows like The Next Step, Lost and Found Music Studios and Oh Yum and a multitude of other channels that helped lay the groundwork for the company’s digital distribution for its various media brands and content partners.

In 2018 I returned to agency life to join a strategic digital brand publishing agency called TRULY founded by my talented wife Tara Hunt as partner/CMO and COO in training. 

You can connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Writings, guest appearances and contributions:

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