Vining Nemo with Twitter’s Vine App


Just read this article on DailyDot about Vining winter storm Nemo.

Is this a sign that the use of Instagram to record and share events is on its way out? I mean, just 3 months ago Instagram usage went through the roof when superstorm Sandy hit the east coast.

The Vine app is only a few weeks old and likely has a fraction of the 100 million plus on Instagram but I suspect this might change once Twitter starts to properly promote it to is 200 million monthly active users

Speaking for myself, a few months ago I used to post 2-4 new pictures on Instagram per week. But I’ve dropped that to less than one per week and 3 “Vines” this week.

The storm is only just getting started and I have no doubt that Instagram traffic will surge and it might surpass the number of pictures from Sandy.

I’ll be interested in watching Vine’s.

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